Indian Plastics Institute
Coimbatore Sub Chapter
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at Amriteshwari Hall, AITEC, Coimbatore on 25th January 2003.

Dr.N.N.Pilai, Director,AITEC with Polymer Engineering students at the Seminar.

Polymer Engineering students at the Seminar.

Prayers to begin with.

Director Dr.N.N. Pillai with speakers - Dr.MPK Unni, General Manager( Fibre Mfg and R and D) and Mr.P.C.Bolur, consultant

Dr.N.N.Pillai welcomming Mr.V.Chinnaswamy-Chairman of IPI -Coimbator Chapter.

Welcome to Mr.V.Chinnaswamy.

Welcome to Dr.N.N.Pillai.

Welcome to Mr. Prabodh C. Bolur.

Welcome to Dr.MPK Unni.

Prof.R.Subba Rao addressing seminar participants.

Dr. N.N. Pillai addressing seminar participants.

Mr.V.Chinnaswamy addressing seminar participants.

Inagurating the SEMINAR by lighting lamp.

Partcipants in the SEMINAR.

Mr.Prabodh C. Bolur presenting a paper on "Cycle time reduction in Injection moulding.

Mr.M.Kannan presenting a paper on Polymer material selection for Injection Moulding.

Dr.MPK Unni presenting a paper on Chemistry, Physics and Engineering fundamentals for Profits from Injection and Stretch Blow Moulding of PET Containers.

Mrs. Lakshmi Madhu presenting a paper on Polypropylene for enhancement of Profits and Performance.

National Anthem.


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