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A very informative and useful book for

Practising Engineers, Technicians and Students.

This book is being released during February 2000. It has 465 pages with 121 figures and 87 tables. It is written in FAQ format so that busy people can look for the problem in the content and go to the page to find the answer.

This book is intended for Practicing Engineers as well as Students of Plastics Course. This book provides technical perspective to the process that is relevant to understand CAE technologies. You can develop skills to visualise the happenings inside the Screw-Barrel and inside the Mould. This knowledge can help you to understand the root causes of all the quality related problems.

This book is divided in to FOUR parts;

  • Machines for Injection Moulding of Plastics,
  • Injection Moulding Process (as required to understand CAE analysis)
  • Quality related problems,
  • Engineering andandand; Technology,

Very vital information are provided with figures and tables about Screw Design, Machines, Support Equipment, Service lines, Injection Moulding Process, Quality related Problems, Mould, Hot Runners, Mechanical failures in Moulds, Energy efficiency, Testing of Machines, Robot, Multicomponent Moulding, Gas assisted Moulding, Thermoset Moulding, CAE, CAD, CAM Technology. A chapter on Myths andandand; Truth clarifies the mis-concepts prevailing in the industry

It introduces the Technological Tools required for the industry.


Foreword Preface Contents Introduction Summary
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