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Things to Know about Injection Moulding Machine

While selecting injection moulding machine the following specifications are required to be evaluated.


To understand

Maximum swept volume cc / max. shot weight gr.

calculation of max. shot weight for a material.

Maximum metering stroke in mm.

dependance of quality of melt for consistancy of moulding.

Maximum injection speed g/s or cc/s

how it ensurs melt to spread through out when in fluid condition- before it freezes. Its relationship with freezing time.

Maximum injection pressure Kg/cm2

how it overcomes resistance to flow during filling and; pressure phase on account of flowratio and; viscosity.

Maximum Injection Power.Kgcm/sec.

how it takes care of difficulty in fiiling for thiner walled and high flow ratio parts.

Plasticizing rate g/s or Kg/hr.

how it influences cycle time.


To understand

Clearance between Tiebars and platen size mm x mm

how it accomodates mould.

Maximum daylight mm and mould open stroke mm

its significance for ejection of deep parts.

Minimum mould height

its relationship with mould open stroke and daylight.

Clamping force

its dependance on cavity pressure and method to compute cavity pressure.


To understand

Torque Kgm and rpm

torque requirement for -viscosity of- melt.



Power supply frquency 60 or 50 Hz.

its influence on speeds.

Pump-motor rating. kW

to match the application - usage of machine.


  • Conventional / Proportional and Cartridge valve Hydraulic Controls
  • Electrical / solid state / microprocessor controls
  • Open loop or closed loop controls


It indicates the time for non processing part of the cycle time

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